BESS training

MEFL has (in consultation with the local government network CASBE) developed a training package to support the new BESS (Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard) tool.

BESS is a brand new tool that will assess the environmental performance of a full range of building types and combinations and aligns with the SDAPP framework employed by a large number of Victorian councils. The tool broadens (and will in time replace) the application of the STEPS and SDS tools, which have for many years assisted applicants define their response to Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) at the planning stage.


This practical hands-on training is designed for development industry professionals who will be using the BESS tool to assess developments. Participants will learn how to use the BESS tool to assess environmental performance and have the opportunity to work through case studies to consolidate their skills.


Two courses have been developed:

  • BESS Domestic: A 3-hour module which focuses on smaller residential applications of up to 10 dwellings
  • BESS Advanced: A 5.5-hour module which builds on this but also covers non-residential, mixed use and larger residential buildings

Both modules include:

  • Tool overview and functionality
  • Objectives and application
  • Account management
  • Scoring
  • ESD categories – interpretation and strategies for best outcomes
  • Reporting

Register for a course

BESS Domestic

Suitable for new dwellings, extensions and up to 10 townhouses

Half day session (3 hour training + 1 hour exam). Includes a case study 3 townhouse development application.

Fee $330 incl GST

Register on the training page on the BESS website.

BESS Advanced

Incorporates residential but also covers non-residential, mixed use and larger residential buildings.

Full day session (5.5-6 hours training + exam). Includes case studies of a non-residential development and a mixed use multi residential development

Fee $660 incl GST

Register on the training page on the BESS website.


MEFL will be delivering the training in partnership with CASBE, with training sessions commencing in late May 2015 following the launch of the tool on 13 May. To register your interest in attending a training session fill in your details below