Urban Development

MEFL believes in the need for a comprehensive vision for sustainable urban developments which blends sustainable transport with localised electricity generation, waste and water management. We use our up-to-date and practical urban development knowledge to deliver urban development solutions to both government and the private sector.

Our Services

MEFL offer a range of urban development services, including;

  • Sustainability opportunities workshops – investigating opportunities across the broad themes of energy, water, waste, materials and transport; and identifying priorities, potential delivery mechanisms and relevant challenges.
  • Tailored Sustainable Urban Development Frameworks to truly integrate sustainability into precincts and buildings on behalf of councils and developers.
  • Strategic advice to developers, local and state governments on sustainable building and precinct development.
  • Greenhouse and energy modelling and spatial analysis for existing or proposed urban precincts and buildings.
  • Research and concept development in international best-practice sustainable precinct planning and delivery.
  • Assisting Council planning teams with improved sustainable design assessment in the planning process (SDAPP) practices and implementation.