Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires fundamental changes to our energy sources, transport systems and our primary industries and necessitates concerted efforts by individuals, businesses, communities and all levels of government.

To transform our economy, systems, infrastructure and practices, MEFL advocates for a comprehensive package of climate change policies. A comprehensive climate change policy suite must address barriers to action and integrate national, State and local measures. Policy responses must enable emissions reduction through energy efficiency and renewable energy. Both market based (pricing carbon pollution) and non-market mechanisms, as well as climate change adaptation measures are essential to build resilient communities.

MEFL’s policy advocacy

MEFL aims to lead the climate change and energy agenda in Moreland and beyond, by working with our community, our partners and our stakeholders in achieving our vision of:

“an active, inspired community tackling climate change with sustainable energy solutions”.

As well as implementing programs and projects ‘on the ground’, MEFL recognises the need for changes to the legislative, regulatory and policy context at local, state and federal levels. Advocacy efforts aim to promote a policy agenda to government decision-makers, as well as community and business leaders.

MEFL aims to influence the policies and practices of others through the lessons learned from our practice. MEFL’s advocacy efforts are embedded into the implementation and reporting of MEFL’s projects and activities, and communicating and promoting the evidence and insights gained from our program delivery to key stakeholders.

Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

MEFL recognises the importance of working in partnership with other like-minded organisations to strengthen and amplify our voice and our effectiveness. One of MEFL’s key collaborations is as a member of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA). MEFL support’s NAGA’s advocacy efforts, particularly through input to NAGA submissions to government inquiries and consultations.

See NAGA’s advocacy submissions

As well as joining with other organisations to advocate for improved policies, MEFL also contributes our experience to partners and experts to support their own advocacy efforts.

For more information on climate policies and solutions: