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Pathways to Zero Carbon

MEFL is working with Moreland City Council on achieving its goal of zero carbon emissions in the municipality by 2040. Achieving such an ambitious target requires collaborative action across many sectors, including all levels of government, transport, waste and stationary energy. On 17 November we gathered over 60 representatives across these sectors for an intensive 3-hour workshop titled ‘Pathways to Zero Carbon’.

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Regional Councils go solar

shepMEFL is currently undertaking a solar feasibility project for the Shire of Moira and the City of Greater Shepparton as part of both Councils’ ambitions to dramatically enhance their renewable energy programs.

The two Councils have recognised a need to:

  • Deliver reductions in the cost of running their facilities in the short to medium term
  • Enhance their leadership position in the community.

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How Does Your Home Rate?

Victorian householders now have the opportunity to understand the thermal performance of their home and the efficiency of their major electrical appliances, as well as where their energy is being used.

The Victorian Government has developed Australia’s first home energy efficiency rating tool, known as The Residential Efficiency Scorecard, which has been specifically designed to help Victorians save on their power bills, and improve the comfort of their homes.

How it works

The Scorecard is a cloud-based web app used on a tablet, such as an iPad, which gives households a star rating out of ten for their home’s energy costs. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient a home is and the lower the energy costs.

Expert assessors use the Scorecard to enter information about the fixed features of a home such as heaters, air conditioners, hot water systems, wall and floor materials, insulation, windows and solar power systems. They can then generate an overall Energy Efficiency Star Rating and certificate on the spot.

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Clean energy toolkit

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet required a clean energy toolkit that local governments can utilize to develop mid-scale (30kW – 10 MW) clean energy projects. The project – a collaboration between MEFL and Net Balance – developed comprehensive, practical project models that overcome the barriers and assisted in facilitating clean energy projects by local councils.

Renewable Energy Precincts

The toolkit resources and associated reports were used to inform the work of the Renewable Energy Precincts program and utilised by local governments throughout NSW to scope and implement mid-scale clean energy projects. As well as providing the toolkit MEFL has delivered complementary training throughout NSW on how to use the toolkit and what other resources are available.