Energy Justice – we need to look after our neighbours

Our energy system is evolving.
Standardisation of energy prices and policies is a practice that met the needs of consumers relatively well in the past, however is less relevant to meet the needs of today’s consumer.
Energy poverty and inequity has become and will continue to be a big problem in Australia, with far too many households unable to pay and use basic amenities such as heating and cooling during Australia’s hottest and coldest days. Energy poverty is having a negative effect on not only household finances, but also on the health and wellbeing of individuals within households.
Today’s consumer requires an energy market that is dynamic and flexible in its approach to consumer circumstance as well as responsive to the ever-changing environmental climate of our world. With renewables at the forefront of this change, we need to ensure all Australians benefit from this transition and that no one is left behind, particularly those most vulnerable in our society.

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