Developer workshops

MEFL worked with the City of Kingston on a series of ten workshops for local developers. The project involved a council-sponsored initial sustainability opportunity assessment by MEFL, working directly with the development team.

The workshops, which took between two and three hours, also acted as an education opportunity for new environmentally sustainable development (ESD) approaches and technology. The methodology was informed by our experience in the management of the roll-out of Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) to councils across Victoria and the development of MEFL’s Sustainable Urban Development Framework which incorporates carbon (energy), water, waste, materials and transport considerations. This project has resulted in significant benefit for City of Kingston and developers.

Council benefits

Councils get the benefit of more technically robust development applications and better environmentally performing buildings being built in the municipality – providing long term benefit for the community. With developers now better aware of Council expectations, assessment of the ESD credential applications by Council is also generally more straightforward.

Developer benefits

Developers save money through being able to achieve better ESD outcomes for the development at lower cost due to early integration into design. Critically, the workshops are a tailored opportunity assessment based on specific site constraints and culminate in a short report on opportunities and next steps.

Case Study

Local builder and property developer Steller says its recently completed project in Moorabbin has become a catalyst for a greater emphasis on sustainable design and green building principles.

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