UNAA awards

Moreland City Council and MEFL are finalists in the United Nations Association Australia’s World Environment Day Climate Action Awards, for their joint project to enable community tenants to access solar.

The project

This ground-breaking program was piloted in 2015/16. It established a revolving fund, which enables community groups who lease buildings from council to install solar with no upfront costs. They start saving money from day one. It was developed to help community groups reduce their running costs so they have more money to spend on what really matters. Enabling these groups to generate solar energy will also help to deliver Moreland’s Zero Carbon Evolution strategy, which has an ambitious goal of reducing the municipality’s community carbon emissions by 22% by 2020.

The bottom line

The 2015/16 pilot saw over 60kW installed across four buildings:

  • Glenroy Bowls Club
  • Moreland Community Child Care Centre
  • Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre
  • Coburg Table Tennis Club.

Together these are predicted to save the clubs $3,700 annually in the early stage whilst repayments are being made and $16,293 annually once repayments are complete.

This month almost 50kW of solar is being installed at Brunswick Bowls Club, Robinsons Reserve Neighbourhood House and Anne Sgro Childrens Centre for the 2016/17 round.

The awards

The UNAA awards highlight work being done by organisations and individuals that will enable Australia to adapt most effectively to expected changes in climate; mitigate the effects of such climate change and help move Australia to net zero emissions by the second half of this century.

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