The Next Boom

As well as leading the team here at MEFL, our CEO Alison Rowe chairs the Future Business Council – the new voice for business in Australia, of which MEFL is a proud member. Recently Alison and several other MEFL staff attended the launch of the Future Business Council’s updated The Next Boom report. They came back from the event excited and energised about the opportunities for Australia to lead the development of a clean, green and progressive economy.

What is the Next Boom?

The Next Boom report aims to answer the question: how will Australia prosper in the twenty-first century? It pulls together data from across different sectors and regions to show just how rapidly markets and consumers are changing and the significant investment and business potential that these changes create.

MEFL is currently building a longer term strategy that will identify how we best support the transition to a new energy future, including how we work with businesses of all sizes. Our long term vision is an equitable zero carbon society. We are looking forward to taking the findings from The Next Boom to maximize our impact.

More information

You can download the report from the Future Business Council website.

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