Staff profile – Anna Moltchanski

Anna is the program support officer at Our Energy Future, the NSW arm of Positive Charge. In this role, she works closely with the Rob Kyle, the Program Lead to help local households save energy and money.

Anna came to MEFL from Suez Recycling and Recovery where she worked as a Contaminations Officer, working closely with Penrith Council in delivering an organics contamination management program. Prior to this, she worked as an English teacher in Argentina and as an associate in a financial services company based in Dublin.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Commerce (International Studies) from UNSW and is currently completing a Master of Environmental Management. She also currently volunteers in the Community Engagement team at Pingala, a community energy service provider.

Anna is a keen gardener and utilises a compost bin and worm farm to help her garden and reduce her waste. Anna also likes to make low carbon travel choices by walking when possible.

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