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Rob Kyle

Program Lead – Our Energy Future

I am coordinating the delivery of the Our Energy Future program in NSW on behalf of the Southern Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC). The program follows the already established service delivery model of Positive Charge and will work with local councils to engage their community in action on climate change. Our Energy Future offers a free, energy advice service to help people reduce their power bills without compromising on comfort. Our Energy Future can also link people to carefully selected suppliers to get quotes on solar and more.

Before joining Positive Charge, I worked as a Business Development and Projects Manager for a boutique solar company in Sydney. I have, over the past year, developed a good understanding of solar, renewable energy and the Australian energy market. I am also an experienced program coordinator from my time at engineering consultancy AECOM, where I managed the delivery of a government-funded neighbourhood planning program.

When I’m not working I… spend most of my free time on the Eastern beaches of Sydney pretending I can surf.

Did you know… I am building my own solar array and it’s frigging hard.

I love working at MEFL because… not only do the organisation’s goals and values align very closely with my own, but I know that the peoples’ do as well.

Being a Brit, I do love football (soccer) so if anyone would like to discuss the finer points of the premiership season, I’m all ears.

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