Solar in heritage areas

We regularly receive enquiries from those living in heritage overlay areas asking how they can go solar. In Moreland you need to apply for a planning permit for solar if you live in a heritage precinct and the panels will be visible from the street or a park. Permit applications are usually processed within 10 working days, and cost under $200.
MEFL has been working with Moreland City Council to produce guidance, including a sample application, to make it easier for Moreland’s heritage overlay households to take action.

New guidance

The new guidance is now available on Moreland Council’s website.
Moreland residents who require a planning permit for their solar and install through Positive Charge before 1 March 2018 will have their planning application fee refunded. For more information contact Positive Charge on 9385 8555 or visit the Positive Charge website to find out more.

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