Regional Councils go solar

shepMEFL is currently undertaking a solar feasibility project for the Shire of Moira and the City of Greater Shepparton as part of both Councils’ ambitions to dramatically enhance their renewable energy programs.

The two Councils have recognised a need to:

  • Deliver reductions in the cost of running their facilities in the short to medium term
  • Enhance their leadership position in the community.

The project covers 10 sites across the two Councils. It has the potential to unlock up to 350 kilowatts of solar across the two municipalities, which represents over a megawatt-hour a day of electricity generation.

MEFL’s role includes:

  • Assessing rooftop capacity of the facilities
  • Generating scenarios for solar power systems on site (maximising environmental and economic impact)
  • Site visits to determine any site specific barriers and opportunities.

MEFL’s independent assessment will help guide the Councils’ renewable energy programs over time.

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