Power Changer

Electricity distributor Jemena is piloting a demand management program called Power Changer in Melbourne’s inner and northern suburbs. The program was launched in early December at Alphington Primary School.

MEFL is supporting Jemena by recruiting households to take part in this exciting trial. If successful the program will:

  • Reduce the strain on our electricity grid during peak weather events
  • Save households money on their bills
  • Raise money for local organisations like Fairfield Primary School, Alphington Primary School, Darebin Parklands and more.

SMS tips

Households are being asked to sign up to download the Power Changer app in order to receive SMS notices about peak weather events, such as heatwaves. The notices will include tips on ways to manage their energy usage. They will also be sent general tips and advice to help them reduce their electricity bills over summer.

Pilot locations

The areas covered in the pilot stage of the program are Alphington, Eaglemont, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Fairfield and Craigieburn. Participating households are expected to save up to $120 on their summer electricity bill, whilst also earning rewards that will be assigned to a local cause. The rewards will then be converted to cash which Jemena will donate to the local causes. In Craigieburn the trial will feature personal rewards, such as vouchers. If successful this program may be rolled out to other households in the Jemena network.

The impact

Shaun Reardon, Jemena’s Customer and Markets Executive General Manager said, “By making small changes to how they use electricity, households can make a big impact on the grid. The pilot program uses innovative technology and smart meter data to set targets and provide feedback to households during peak times, enabling our customers to make informed choices about how and when to shift their consumption.”

Participating households will have their action measured by their smart meter data. The data collected will also be shared with the state government and may inform future energy policy. The Victorian state government is supporting the program.

Jemena Power Changers is one of several demand response programs operating this summer, including Curb Your Power from Powershop.

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