Pathways to Zero Carbon

MEFL is working with Moreland City Council on achieving its goal of zero carbon emissions in the municipality by 2040. Achieving such an ambitious target requires collaborative action across many sectors, including all levels of government, transport, waste and stationary energy. On 17 November we gathered over 60 representatives across these sectors for an intensive 3-hour workshop titled ‘Pathways to Zero Carbon’.

Vision and pathways

In the lead-up to the workshop, participants were invited to contribute to Council’s vision for a carbon-free community. The workshop focused on how to achieve that vision. Participants were invited to put forward their ‘Big Ideas’ for zero carbon in Moreland. The ideas ranged from methods for linking up investors with sustainable energy projects through to incentives for green buildings and an interactive map of communal greenspace and community groups in Moreland. Participants also made ‘offers’ – nominating what they and their organisation can do to help get to zero carbon. The room was a buzz of ideas, collaborations, proposals, discussion and debate. We’re now analysing the outcomes and preparing a report to help guide Council on the path to zero carbon in 2040.

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