Our Energy Future’s first solar family

Our Energy Future (Positive Charge’s NSW program) is proud to announce its first solar family. Just last week, the Our Energy Future team met with the first family to install solar panels through the program; the Pattersons from Newtown.

The Pattersons had been thinking about solar panels ever since their friends installed solar, but it was rising energy prices that really prompted them to act. Danielle Patterson said, ‘We’d been thinking about it for a while and with energy prices going up it put a bit more pressure on us. Apart from saving money, it also felt like the right thing to do.’

The Pattersons installed a slightly larger system as they eventually would like to install a battery. Danielle said, ‘I love the idea of being self-sufficient, that would be wonderful.’

The panels have only just been installed, so they are yet to see just how much they’re saving, but they are looking to move away from a gas to an electric heater to make the most of their solar. The Our Energy Future team are busy booking more installations, so the Pattersons will be the first of many!

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