MEFL’s international hit videos

Back in 2011 MEFL produced a series of advice videos demonstrating simple home energy-efficiency actions – replacing halogen downlights with LEDs, draught sealing, low-flow shower heads etc. They were made in 8 languages – English, Turkish, Urdu, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek and Mandarin. Positive Charge followed up a couple of years later with another series, including videos in Spanish, Cantonese and Macedonian. The videos were well received at the time, but over the years those videos have steadily increased in reach and popularity, with some exceeding all expectations!

Most popular videos

Most popular of all is the Turkish video showing how to fit double-glazing plastic film to your windows; it’s been viewed 270,500 times, with almost all of the views being from Turkey. Also popular in Turkey is the draught-sealing video, with over 120,000 views. The Mandarin version of the draught-sealing video has also been a hit in Taiwan, with almost three-quarters of the 64,300 views. The English version of the double-glazing video has been viewed all over the world, with a high proportion of viewers in the USA and UK, while the Arabic version is popular in the Middle East and North Africa. We’re delighted to see these simple and practical ideas spreading all over the world! You can see all the videos on our YouTube Channel.

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