MEFL thrives

This has been a year of massive changes for MEFL. We’ve taken on a raft of new projects, expanded our staff to cope with the increased workload, and transformed our office to fit everyone in! So in late July we took a couple of days out to get the whole team together, review our progress and clarify our vision for the future. The event was called “Thrive”.

Vision for our future

It gave all our staff, including newly arrived staff members, the opportunity to connect with each other, with their own purpose and vision in the organisation and to build a common vision for the future. Expertly guided by facilitator Helga Svendsen, we brainstormed, discussed, presented and refined our ideas into a set of actions for the rest of the year, and working groups are now actively following up those actions. One of the highlights was a presentation on the current state of climate science from Professor Tim Flannery – a very strong reminder of why we do what we do!

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