MEFL joins Future Business Council

MEFL has been working with businesses of all sizes and from all backgrounds for many years and we know that the business sector is well positioned to embrace Australia’s renewable energy transition. We launched our commercial solar program in 2017 (see below for a video of one of our first installations) and in 2018 we are looking to expand our work with the business sector. To that end we were thrilled to join the Future Business Council at the start of 2018.

What is the FBC?

The Future Business Council is the new voice for business in Australia. They represent the interests of the innovative, sustainable and resilient businesses that will define our future economy. MEFL joins a group of leading companies that know the world is rapidly changing and understand a new approach is needed for business to survive and thrive this century. We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring for the business community.

Otto & Spike

Local business Otto & Spike has installed a 29.97kW solar system for $31,500 that is estimated to SAVE them $179,455 over 20 years. 💰😱💰Best part? The Brunswick business will pay for the cost through their council rates, resulting in positive cash flow.~~ Contact Moreland Energy Foundation to see how solar could work for your business ➡️ ~~

Posted by Moreland City Council on Monday, 26 February 2018

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