Farewell and thanks Monique

Monique Conheady was our second Chair of the Board, taking over from the wonderful Mike Hill. After almost eight years and working with our last two CEOs she leaves MEFL

We will miss her dearly and we thank her for the huge amount of time she has dedicated to MEFL. During her tenure Monique has taken the organisation through an amazing journey.

We had a lovely celebration with staff on Monique’s last day and she reflected on the huge amount of growth the organisation has undertaken since she first joined. Monique also reflected on how important her tenure has been and how being the Chair of MEFL has set her up for her future endeavours. She is also very excited to continue to follow MEFL’s accomplishments as we head into our next chapter under our new strategic plan. The work on the new strategic plan was one of Monique’s last formal capacities as Chair.

We wish Monique all the very best for the future and look forward to remaining firm friends!

One thought on “Farewell and thanks Monique

  1. Thanks for all your great leadership, time, passion and commitment, Monique. It was a pleasure working with you at MEFL and wish you and your family every success in the future. Fantastic effort!

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