Community Energy Congress

The C4CE Community Energy Congress on 27-28 February was a busy and highly successful event.

Some highlights were:

  • Keynotes from two of the world’s most respected voices in community energy: Soren Hermansen and Candace Vahlsing
  • A reiteration of leadership support for a renewable transition from Vic Energy & Climate Change Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio
  • The Energy Justice session, hosted by a group of Indigenous Australians and First Nation Canadians
  • Breakout sessions including Working with RE Developers, Financing, Legals and Risk, Grabbing Headlines, Empowering Vulnerable Communities and Political Support.

MEFL staff were big contributors, with CEO Alison Rowe speaking on Women in Renewables and People Re-Powering Australian Cities, Manny Pasqualini on Financing, Legals and Risk, Gavin Ashley in the the Speed Date a Community Energy Expert, Local Government Masterclass and Working with Retailers events, Sue Richards and Kate Nicolazzo in the Community Solar Toolkit Planning Session and Lucy Best in the Models of Community Solar Training session.

As our previous article also indicates, community energy is thriving and growing!

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