CEO swap

MEFL and Sustainability Victoria did a CEO swap last week. MEFL’s Alison Rowe spent a day at Sustainability Victoria, and SV’s Stan Krpan came to MEFL for the day.

Stan was soon immersed in many aspects of MEFL’s daily work, sitting in on phone calls to the Positive Charge team, discussing energy transition issues with MEFL staff and getting out on the road for visits to local organisations that are involved with Positive Charge’s solar program.

We had some great conversations, including a morning tea with staff where Stan talked about how he came to have a passion for people-centric sustainability. He also ‘pressed go’ on the email to launch our Solar for Renters Pilot with the 60 people who have expressed an interest in being involved. Stan’s tweet at the end of the day summed it up: “Very inspired by your commitment and great work and learned a lot!”

Photo: Stan Krpan (left) with MEFL’s Helen Eveleigh and Daniel Beaton.

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