A simple Christmas

This Christmas story is by MEFL’s Jason Cox (pictured).

Santa looked out across the North Pole with sadness on his face. Seldom was Santa sad but on this occasion he couldn’t hide the disappointment in his eyes.

“What’s wrong Santa” asked Mrs Claus. “You look troubled.” Santa sighed with the weight of more than his generous belly. “I don’t think I want to do Christmas this year.” Mrs Claus was shocked. Christmas was the happiest time of the year and Santa loved it. What could be the problem?

Santa continued, “Climate change is hurting the polar bears. Every year they have less space to live because of the melting ice and I feel responsible. At Christmas everyone buys so much stuff and they drive all over the place to buy things. I can deliver presents all over the world with almost no carbon footprint, just a little reindeer flatulence, but the more they buy the more it hurts the environment. I think the meaning of Christmas has been lost.”

Mrs Claus walked across the room to hug her husband. “People love Christmas Santa, we need to celebrate the fact we care for each other and a few gifts aren’t so bad.” As always, his beautiful wife had a solution.

“This year why don’t you ask people to celebrate Christmas as it was intended? One or two gifts that mean something, maybe homemade. People could all shop locally, they could buy experiences for people instead of disposable things. People could bake biscuits or a cake. Maybe they could buy a bottle of wine to share. It doesn’t have to be like it is. Maybe they just need a leader to show them the right way to do things. We all know who the leader at Christmas is, don’t we?”

Santa smiled. “You’re right. We don’t have to stop Christmas, we just have to make it better. You know, I think people will like Christmas even more if they celebrate it simply and just spend time together.” Mrs Claus smiled because the happiness was back in Santa’s eyes.

“Elf,” Santa called, “Take a note. Ask all our friends to spread the word. Christmas should be simple.”

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