Zero Carbon Evolution


Reducing Moreland’s carbon emissions.

In 2014 MEFL collaborated with Moreland City Council to develop a strategy to shift Moreland to a zero carbon future. MEFL are leading delivery of the renewable energy, energy efficiency and activating the community elements of the strategy. Moreland City Council are leading delivery of the urban heat island and transport elements.

Moreland’s Zero Carbon Evolution (ZCE) strategy indicates that to be doing our fair share, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 22% (on 2011 levels) by 2020. It is an ambitious target, requiring action and investment from all sectors of the community. These goals will only be achieved if everyone plays their part – from households, businesses, schools and community groups to local, state and federal governments.

Find out more at Zero Carbon Evolution – what’s happening on the ground, who our heroes are and how you can play your part.