The MEFL story

Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to tackling climate change and committed to accelerating the energy transition by empowering communities to take action. We work hard to ensure communities play a meaningful part in this transition and that no one gets left behind.

We are a trusted educator, partner, advisor and service provider. Our job is to build partnerships that demonstrate what’s possible; to give the right advice; and make sure people have access to the information and technology they need to take action. Our customers include councils, business, schools, community groups and members of the community.

How we got started

We were established in 2000 by the Moreland City Council after the privatisation of the Victorian electricity industry. The initial purpose of MEFL was to continue local action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the entire Moreland community. Now we lead the climate change and energy agenda in Moreland and beyond.

MEFL has a reputation for bold, innovative and effective projects and campaigns. We use the extensive knowledge and expertise we have built through our experience, people and networks, to facilitate action on climate change.

In our local area…

Zero Carbon Evolution: Getting on track to a carbon neutral Moreland communityLocally we provide practical support to the Moreland community to become more energy efficient and take up renewable energy. In June 2014 we developed the Zero Carbon Evolution (ZCE) strategy, with the ambitious target to achieve a 22% reduction in carbon emissions across the Moreland community by 2020. We are delivering this strategy in partnership with Moreland City Council.

…and beyond

In February 2013 MEFL set up one of our leading programs Positive Charge. On behalf of subscribing local councils, Positive Charge provides energy expertise and independent advisory services to households, community groups and businesses; delivers community engagement programs; and provides data and shares knowledge to facilitate councils moving to a sustainable energy future. Through Positive Charge we are committed to reducing carbon emissions at scale across a number of local government areas.

The Commons, photo: Andrew Wuttke

MEFL has significant experience providing consultancy, research and professional development services in the areas of community engagement, energy efficiency, sustainable energy supply and urban development. We work actively with partners in local and state government and the community sector, and with clients in the development industry to deliver sustainable energy outcomes.

Alliances and partnerships

We are working towards fundamental and substantial social and technological transitions and change. Alliances and partnerships are important to achieve our model of change to progress the take-up of new approaches and innovations into mainstream practices or technologies, and displacing business-as-usual approaches

As advocates for urgent action on climate change, MEFL endeavours to influence the policies and practices of others, based on experience gained from our practice. We establish alliances and partnerships to advocate for change, and also contribute expertise and support to the advocacy work of others.

See our Alliances page for more information.