Our strategy

Our Strategic Plan 2015–2018 was developed following substantial consultation with our partners and collaborators, and evaluation of our work to date, our operating context and key upcoming opportunities and challenges. The plan identifies three strategic priorities, with associated actions and evaluation criteria, so we can monitor and evaluate the success of their implementation.

Strategic priorities Actions KPIs
MEFL works in close partnership with Moreland City Council to implement Zero Carbon Evolution in Moreland. Deliver renewable energy projects for residential, small business and community sectors

Deliver energy efficiency projects for residential, small business and community sectors

Encourage, support and facilitate community action on climate change

Support Council’s other ZCE work, including planning sustainable urban systems

Cultivate new relationships to build strategic partnerships and activate additional resources for ZCE

Emissions reduction attributable to MEFL’s work with Council on ZCE

Increase year-on-year the number of people provided with advice by Positive Charge on request

Increase year-on-year the number of households who install sustainable energy solutions attributable to MEFL

MEFL accelerates the development and implementation of models of locally led solar energy that can be replicated and scaled up. Develop and demonstrate innovative approaches to sustainable energy and community action

Deliver and scale up approaches, with partnerships and alliances, including NAGA

Provide advice and consultancy services to disseminate MEFL’s experience

Influence the policies and practices of local, regional, state and national actors through the lessons identified from practice

Renewable energy installed as a result of MEFL’s activity


MEFL is a sustainable organisation Develop a diverse and sustainable income portfolio and appropriately manage expenditure

Maintain effective governance and environmentally sustainable operations

Provide an active, learning, supportive workplace of choice

MEFL values its people and has a culture of accountability, continually building the capability of our team, who work together towards the organisation’s objectives

Financial performance against budget

Staff wellness/satisfaction

Maintain 6 star rating for office operations

Strategic Plan

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Annual Reports

For annual reporting against this strategic plan, see our Reporting page.