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An active, inspired community tackling climate change with sustainable energy solutions.


MEFL works with households, businesses, community groups and governments on innovative approaches to implementing sustainable energy supply and reducing energy use.



We think 'outside the box', seeking to be innovative, inspiring, enquiring, responsive and creative.


We believe in speaking directly and providing independent, well-researched and clear advice.


We treat everyone with respect and dignity, appreciating individual and cultural diversity.


We recognise that change doesn't happen overnight, but requires flexibility, dedication and determination.

Team work

We work collaboratively as a team, in our own workplace and in our dealings with the wider community and our partners.


Dear Michael and Emma,


When transferring content I have stumbled upon a few holes in the $60 summer energy offer.

In my absence next week can you please look into the following:


1.        The Terms and Conditions listed under the Current offers > $60 summer energy offer, are in fact the terms and conditions for the Draught Proofing Blitz, is this intentional? Under Alan’s instruction I have left this as is and transferred to the new site. (Hidden behind a ‘Read More.’ )

2.       These terms and conditions also expire on Dec 17th 2010 so might need the date changed also.

3.       Finally, under the product table, there is text which says “Downloadable product list” when clicked, this link downloads a blank PDF, titled Product_Packages.pdf. For obvious reasons, I have not transferred this. If you can find the document, it will need to be uploaded and attached to the article.


I hope this makes sense. Please see Alan if you need further details, or in the result of even more clarification you can contact me on 0438 210 584, or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Thank you both.






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