Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is MEFL’s core business. We have built capacity over a decade to explore and evaluate technical measures that can deliver greater and measurable energy efficiency for buildings and appliances. We have a particular interest in practice applications of technology and are experts in testing and evaluating equipment and ideas in the field.

Our Services

MEFL offer a range of energy efficiency services, including:

  • Commercial and residential energy efficiency opportunities assessments with a focus on identifying and assisting in the implementation of cost effective solutions.
  • Detailed research and data analysis of energy efficiency technology and innovations including demand management solutions.
  • Managing complex relationships with energy retailers and distributers using our strong partnership networks.
  • Operational services, including energy data feedback and community support tools, to ensure sustainability objectives are achieved beyond design and construction.
  • Commercial and residential thermal performance modelling.


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Healthy Homes

Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) is very excited to be the delivery partner for the Victorian Healthy Homes program.

The research program, which is funded by Sustainability Victoria, will help low income households where people are living with chronic health problems and focus on improving the warmth of their home during winter. The study’s research partner, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will then measure whether the improved warmth leads to better health and wellbeing outcomes. The program will also measure whether the upgrades help to reduce energy consumption in the homes.

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EnergySmart Research Program

Moreland Energy Foundation is proud to be working with the Department of Health & Human Services on the EnergySmart Public Housing Research Program.

The program will replace inefficient electric water heaters, electric heaters and deliver tailored thermal upgrades to 1,500 public housing properties from July 2017. There is a significant focus on delivering these upgrades to regional Victoria.

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Cooling Communities

As a way to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, MEFL in a partnership with Moreland City Council is working on a project named Cooling Communities. This project is funded through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and will work in areas of social housing in Moreland.

Why Moreland?

Moreland’s suburbs are particularly vulnerable to heat waves due to a lack of green infrastructure and lack of water bodies such as rivers or lagoons. An analysis shows that vulnerability to the UHIE is particularly extreme in areas of social housing. This project aims to create a set of recommendations which will promote UHIE resilience in social housing areas, for use by local government, social housing providers, and residents across Victoria.

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Residential Sustainability Business Case


In collaboration with Net Balance, MEFL undertook an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of possible building upgrades in the residential sectors.


The objective of the report was to determine to what extent (and to what point) energy efficiency investments in residential buildings make good economic sense for the home owner.  This is in the context of a “whole-of-life” analysis of the costs and benefits, in a context of the broader issue of housing affordability.


This study was based on case studies and the output had to be directly usable by the Building Commission in “fact sheet” and other capacity building material.

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Movable units cooling trials

This project was undertaken for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in response to a growing demand for cooling devices within dwellings that are owned by the department. MEFL used on-ground research to gather further information and data that would assist the DHHS to build upon its existing knowledge-base on upgrading the energy efficiency of department-owned apartments and movable units.