Rebates and incentives

Environmental rebates for households

What are environmental rebates?

Environmental rebates are government schemes that provide financial assistance to help you invest in energy or water saving products and services. Rebates may be a point-of-sale discount, a reimbursement or a loan. The rebates only apply to selected products and services, and need to meet eligibility and time-frame requirements.

This summary will give a brief outline of the current rebates available to households. For more comprehensive information we recommend visiting the Living Greener website or following the provided links.

For rebates available to commercial or business operations, visit the websites at the end of this document.

Federal Government Rebates

Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) 

Replacing RECs, the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) provides rebates for both solar electricity (PV) and solar hot water.

Solar PV – Solar Credits

The government rebate for solar photovoltaic electricity systems (solar PV) is called the Solar Credits scheme. Under this scheme, solar PV systems are eligible for a significant rebate, based on the size of your system, where you live in Australia and when it is installed.

For a 1.5 kW system in Melbourne, you will be eligible for around $800. 

Typically, your solar installer or retailer will claim the Solar Credits for you, and offer it as an upfront discount on the cost of your system, so you don't need to do anything to get the rebate – in this case, the price quoted to you will be the price you have to pay after rebates. 

 Victorian State Government rebates

Feed-in tariff

A feed-in tariff is an amount of money that you can get paid when you generate electricity from your house, for example using a solar panel. The Victorian government now offers a new feed-in tariff for all types of renewable energy (such as wind and biomass) and also have a feed-in tariff for solar panels.

The new feed-in tariff (for solar PV systems, wind, hydro or biomass systems up to 100kW) is a minimum of 8 cents per kWh for the net electricity that you return to the grid.

Details – Vic Gov.: Dept. of Primary Industries

 Solar hot water

You are eligible for a rebate if you are:

  • Replacing an existing solar, natural gas or LPG water heater with a gas-boosted solar system.
  • Adding solar to an existing natural gas or LPG water heater by installing a solar system as a pre-heater.
  • Adding solar to an existing conventional off-peak electric water heater by installing a retrofit kit.

Rebate amount:

  • Metropolitan Melbourne: point of sale discount of $300-$1500.
  • Regional Victoria: point of sale discount of $400-$1600

 For a list of participating suppliers in Victoria: Victorian Government: Resource Smart

More details - Victorian Government: Resource Smart

Gas hot water

This rebate is a point of sale discount; $400 for a 5-star instantaneous or storage hot water heater (4+ star for internal systems), $700 for concession card holders, as above, and $300 installation rebate if you live in a flat or apartment where there's a separate occupancy directly above or below you.

Details - Victorian Government: Resource Smart 

 Rainwater tank and water savers

Financial assistance for water efficient showerheads, upgrading to eligible dual flush toilets, garden products, rainwater tanks and systems for reusing household waste water. The rebate can be claimed by applying after installation of the product, and can be received as a credit on your water bill or through electronic funds transfer (for larger items).

Details - Living Victoria Water Rebate Program

Whitegoods appliances

These schemes assist low income households in purchasing efficient whitegoods. The rebate offers a $100 discount on the purchase of washing machine or fridge that meet a specified star energy water rating.

Details - Living Greener

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

The VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme is different to rebates. Introduced in January 2009, the scheme aims to provide incentives to promote household energy efficiency. Certificates are created when customers replace or install energy efficient products and services, and can be traded to reduce your costs.

Details - Essential Service Commission: VEET Scheme

For further information on these and other rebate offers, please visit:

Australian Government - Living Greener Website Rebates and Assistance Page 

Resource Smart - Rebates information for Victorian households