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Renewable Energy Advocate

Victoria now has a Renewable Energy Advocate. Simon Corbell was appointed to the position late last year.

Mr Corbell was previously Minister for the Environment and Climate Change in the ACT. Among other achievements, he was responsible for the delivery of large scale solar and wind farms. He also brought in the ACT government’s target of 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

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Staff profile

Kate Nicolazzo

Manager, Positive Charge

As Manager, I look after the team. I make sure we are all focused on the right things, have the right skills and knowledge and we maintain our passion to achieve our very big vision for helping  communities to transition a zero carbon future. I am also in charge of developing new business opportunities and partnerships and at the moment we are focused on expanding to New South Wales!

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Cooling Communities

As a way to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, MEFL in a partnership with Moreland City Council is working on a project named Cooling Communities. This project is funded through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and will work in areas of social housing in Moreland.

Why Moreland?

Moreland’s suburbs are particularly vulnerable to heat waves due to a lack of green infrastructure and lack of water bodies such as rivers or lagoons. An analysis shows that vulnerability to the UHIE is particularly extreme in areas of social housing. This project aims to create a set of recommendations which will promote UHIE resilience in social housing areas, for use by local government, social housing providers, and residents across Victoria.

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6 star NABERS rating for MEFL office

nabers-certificateWe’re delighted to announce that the MEFL office has been given a 6 star NABERS tenancy rating. This is the top rating and according to NABERS, “demonstrates market-leading performance”.

The rating recognises our energy-efficient practices such as:

  • Turning off computers when not in use
  • Automatic switches for lights so they’re not left on
  • Our purchase of 100% GreenPower.

More information about NABERS tenancy ratings on the NABERS website.

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From the CEO

Alison RoweThe end of each year is the perfect time to sit back, take stock of the year that has passed by and look at the challenges and opportunities for the year ahead. This is particularly relevant for me as I have spent the past months looking back at the amazing work MEFL has done and the outstanding achievements of this small organisation. Our success is a testament to the people who come together each day to make MEFL what it is. Next year we will be even better.

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Carbon Neutral Christmas

goatSanta manages to deliver presents all over the world and his only carbon footprint is a little bit of reindeer flatulence. However in most homes Christmas creates a lot more waste and landfill than any other time of year. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
MEFL’s Program Co-ordinator Jason Cox has put together a few tips for a Christmas that has maximum happiness and minimum waste.

Shop locally

If you live in Moreland you have everything you need at your fingertips from food to presents. You’ll reduce your travel and your stress levels. See the Moreland City Council website for info on local shopping areas.

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Regional Councils go solar

shepMEFL is currently undertaking a solar feasibility project for the Shire of Moira and the City of Greater Shepparton as part of both Councils’ ambitions to dramatically enhance their renewable energy programs.

The two Councils have recognised a need to:

  • Deliver reductions in the cost of running their facilities in the short to medium term
  • Enhance their leadership position in the community.

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