We pony up for good

Like so many people, MEFL staff had a stack of old technology at home cluttering up the drawers and wardrobes of our houses. We decided to do something about it. MEFL contacted PonyUp for Good to get a little help and do a little good. We bought all our old tech into the office and Pony Up came to pick it up.

How PonyUp works

PonyUp for Good is a social enterprise. They take your donated, smartphones, laptops and tablets, securely erase any data on them, then on-sell for reuse. The devices feel good about themselves as they’re reused for up to another seven years, providing affordable, working technology to folk in developing countries, while keeping toxic chemicals out of soil & waterways. The major kicker is: 50% of profits are donated to SecondBite, Australia’s fresh food crusaders, who last year, rescued 10 million kilograms of fresh food and redistributed it to over 1300 food programs nationally. That’s 55,000 healthy meals a day. 

It’s easy

So we decluttered our homes and office, stopped waste going to landfill and helped a bunch of people out, that’s a good outcome in anyone’s language. For us it was as easy as sending out an email asking people to bring their tech in to the office and another email to Pony Up asking them to come and get it. It’s not just for individuals, organisations with shelves full of old tech can donate as well. It’s easy to do and it helps those who need it. What are you waiting for?

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