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Kate Nicolazzo

Manager, Positive Charge

As Manager, I look after the team. I make sure we are all focused on the right things, have the right skills and knowledge and we maintain our passion to achieve our very big vision for helping  communities to transition a zero carbon future. I am also in charge of developing new business opportunities and partnerships and at the moment we are focused on expanding to New South Wales!

The best piece of sustainability advice I ever got/gave is… divest, divest, divest! It feels a bit hard while you’re in the middle of it (I still haven’t finished the entire process) but so worth it when you know your superannuation and any other money floating around isn’t being invested in fossil fuels! This is one of the biggest impacts you can have as an individual on climate change. Visit the Market Forces website to check out your options.

I love working at MEFL because… there has never been a better group of people in one office! We are all so committed to our goals, our community and to having fun while we achieve big things together. It’s a joy to come to work.

I get grumpy when… I watch Q & A… I think everyone can probably understand why!

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