From the CEO

Alison RoweThe end of each year is the perfect time to sit back, take stock of the year that has passed by and look at the challenges and opportunities for the year ahead. This is particularly relevant for me as I have spent the past months looking back at the amazing work MEFL has done and the outstanding achievements of this small organisation. Our success is a testament to the people who come together each day to make MEFL what it is. Next year we will be even better.

Our staff, board and partners have all contributed to a wonderful year where we have delivered a range of projects that will have impacts into the future and across borders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole MEFL family for their continued efforts, which have reaped benefits for the whole community. But we can’t be satisfied with our achievements.

MEFL is in a unique position to bring about significant changes across a number of sectors that will benefit our community and the wider community. We now face the challenge of making sure the work we have done and the work we will do in the coming years not only benefits Moreland.  We have an obligation to ensure the work we do is used to make genuine and meaningful change with positive outcomes throughout Victoria and Australia.

To do this we need to expand our partnerships and to leverage the position of respect we have across many organisations and sectors.  The challenge for 2017 is to have a bigger impact in a larger space while maintaining the attitude and enthusiasm that makes us the outstanding organisation we are. Like all our staff I look forward to this challenge and believe we have the people, ability and partners to once again exceed expectations and build on the foundations our alumni have built for us.

So, enjoy the break, recharge your batteries and get ready for what I am sure will be a challenging and rewarding 2017.

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