Community groups go solar

MEFL has formed a partnership with Powershop to help Moreland’s community groups reduce their outgoings and carbon emissions by installing solar.  MEFL is channelling funds raised through Powershop’s Your Community Energy initiative to local projects. Under this initiative Powershop customers pay a few cents extra per unit of power and this money is used to fund solar for not-for-profit or charitable organisations.


One of the local groups supported through this program is Milparinka on Albert Street, Brunswick. Milparinka supports people who have a disability to pursue lifestyles that include the same opportunities that all members of the community expect and enjoy.


This funding will help Milparinka install a 23 kilowatt system on their Brunswick centre. The system will save Milparinka over $4,000 each year and reduce their CO2 emissions by almost 40,000kg annually. These savings will enable Milparinka to spend more of their money on what really matters – their community.


Projects that will be supported by these ongoing savings include a sustainable food waste project and development of their SEEDS communal garden which provides a fabulous resource for the Brunswick community and opportunities for people at Milparinka to have valued roles in their community and to contribute to other people’s lives.

More groups to go solar

Our Zero Carbon Evolution team are working hard to ensure that community groups across Moreland can benefit from solar energy. As a not-for-profit ourselves we understand how hard it can be for small organisations to access capital required for solar and also the wider social and environmental benefits that can flow from an ongoing reduction in operating costs. We would love to see every community group in Moreland powered by solar!

Make a suggestion

The great news is that Powershop expect to raise enough money through this initiative to fund a lot more projects, so if you know of a community group in Moreland who are interested in reducing their costs through solar then get in touch by emailing Helen Eveleigh.

We are also working with Moreland Council to roll out the second round of the solar on leased facilities program. This program enables community groups renting their buildings from Council to install solar at no upfront costs. We have identified the four recipients for 2016/17 but if your organisation is interested in participating next financial year get in touch by emailing Helen Eveleigh

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