Our people

Alison Rowe

Chief Executive Officer

Board member since: 2016

Alison was formerly the Global Executive Director Sustainability for Fujitsu, where she created and implemented the global strategy for sustainability. Alison is a well-known public speaker, respected thought leader, and winner of the Business Leader of the Year by Climate Alliance in 2013.

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Jason Cox

Program Coordinator

Jason joined MEFL to deliver the Sustainability Street Program, in a two and a half year contract role, and remains over nine years later. In that time, Jason has delivered a variety of great programs and made a difference to a lot of people’s lives.

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Alan Davies

Web Manager

Alan maintains the MEFL website and co-ordinates the production and distribution of the MEFL and Positive Charge e-Bulletins. He also assists other staff with all aspects of MEFL’s electronic communications, including online surveys, forms and the Positive Charge website.

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Helen Eveleigh

Zero Carbon Evolution Program Manager

Helen leads the implementation of the Zero Carbon Evolution strategy, an ambitious community endorsed plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions across Moreland by 2020. She works closely with Moreland City Council and the Moreland community.

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Victoria Hart

Head of Delivery

Victoria is responsible for overseeing MEFL’s suite of programs including specialist areas of community engagement, energy efficiency, sustainable energy supply, carbon neutrality, urban development, zero carbon strategies and the delivery of energy assessments and energy upgrades to those most vulnerable in our society.

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Michael Iudica

Chief Operations Officer

Michael supervises the reporting of accurate financial information for MEFL management and Board, ensuring that MEFL is financially viable and able to deliver our core activities.

He also assists all business units to achieve their specific financial goals, and ensures that incoming and outgoing payments are correct and timely.

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Rob Kyle

Program Lead - Our Energy Future

Rob is coordinating the delivery of the Our Energy Future program in NSW on behalf of the Southern Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC). The program follows the already established service delivery model of Positive Charge and will work with local councils to engage their community in action on climate change.

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Sandra Mac

Finance Officer

Sandra looks after MEFL’s bookkeeping and ensures that all incoming and outgoing payments are processed correctly and on time.  Other roles includes HR co-ordination, office administration and project co-ordination. Sandra has over 10 years of financial experience, having previously worked in the membership and legal industry, health-care, aged-care and automotive industries.

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Rachel Maddocks

Head of Engagement

As the Director of Engagement and part of the MEFL leadership team Rachel is responsible for promoting awareness of MEFL and our services to all client-stakeholders and the broader community. Specifically, MEFL’s overall strategic approach to content marketing including digital strategies, marketing communications, public relations, community engagement activities, brand and events.

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David Meiklejohn

Executve Officer, NAGA

David Meiklejohn is the Executive Officer of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action.

David has previously worked extensively in sustainability behaviour change programs, both as a consultant and within government in Australia and the UK.

In addition to his work for NAGA, he is also completing a Ph.D on how local governments use community engagement programs to respond to climate change.

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Mel Miller

Project Office Co-ordinator

Mel Miller coordinates the Project Office to assist MEFL’s ability to deliver effective, high quality projects and ensure effective organisational knowledge management.

Mel was a 2016 Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellow and has worked with the Energy Efficiency Council and the National Centre for Sustainability at Swinburne University, prior to joining MEFL in 2013.

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Jon Morgan

Senior Consultant

Jon is a highly experienced engineer who specialises in the analysis and design of the built environment.  He has worked as a consulting engineer for more than 15 years across a diverse range of local and international projects.

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Claire O’Driscoll

Manager, Healthy Homes

Claire is the manager of the Healthy Homes program which will complete energy efficiency upgrades of 1,000 low-income homes across Victoria. The program aims to measure whether making a home warmer and drier during winter can lead to improved health outcomes for the occupants.

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Elly Pattison

Project Support

Elly provides project support for 4 of the teams within MEFL – Positive Charge, ZCE, Consultancy and Operations.

Elly has a Masters in urban planning and environment and joined MEFL through the student internship program in 2015.

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Greg Snelders

Program Leader Technical

Greg is the Technical Specialist & Project Lead at MEFL’s social enterprise, Positive Charge. He commenced work with MEFL at the beginning of 2009. Prior to MEFL Greg spent two years working for an environmental auditing company. During this time he worked on community projects undertaking sustainability auditing of small and medium sized enterprises, corporate office buildings and commercial facilities.

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