About us

The MEFL Story

Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to tackling climate change and committed to accelerating the energy transition by empowering communities to take action. We work hard to ensure communities play a meaningful part in this transition and that no one gets left behind.

We are a trusted educator, partner, advisor and service provider. Our job is to build partnerships that demonstrate what’s possible; to give the right advice; and make sure people have access to the information and technology they need to take action. Our customers include councils, business, schools, community groups and members of the community.
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Vision, Role, Strategic Goals and Values

Our vision is “An equitable zero carbon society”.
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Our strategic direction is set out in our 2018 Strategic Plan.
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MEFL understands the importance of working in alliances and partnerships to progress the take-up of new approaches and innovations into mainstream practices or technologies, and displacing business-as-usual approaches. We work in partnership with Moreland City Council, Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, One Million Homes Alliance and many others.
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Our people

See our staff page for biographical and contact details of our staff team.

Our board

The highest decision-making body within MEFL is the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring good corporate governance and taking a strategic view to guide MEFL’s activities.
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Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy. If we collect and store information about you, we do it according to our Privacy Statement.